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Paul's request for prices

In a message dated 97-10-20 03:20:03 EDT, bh162@scn.org wrote:

> Paul Willis wrote:
>  > The current owner of the type specimen of Kakuru is contemplating
>  > it. In order to try and do the right thing by everybody (ie, trying to
>  > this specimen into an Australian museum and satisfy the current owner) I
>  > would be interested in knowing what museums or private collectors would
>  > prepared to pay for this specimen from around the world.
>  This is *not* directed a Paul, so don't take it personally, but...
>  If you must ask this of the list, I think it would be VERY appropriate
>  for you to receive your responses to your question OFF-LIST (please).
>  is nothing to be gained (scientifically or economically) by having the
>  whole list read what the highest bid could theoretically be.
However, Paul's original post continued as follows:
>> Please keep replies off list and suggested prices will remain
>> There is, of course, no obligation involved in suggesting what the
>> is worth to you or your institution. I am just trying to get some idea of
>> the potential, realistic value of this specimen on a world market.