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Re: teacher needs dino info

On Oct 19, 10:33pm, Tim Baker wrote:

> I am getting ready to discuss pleisosaurs with my students and am going
> to introduce them to Nessie as a theory that there may still be a
> dinosaur or two around.  I will also tell them about the japanees
> fishing boat incident.
> It is information like this that i am looking for.  things that would
> really catch their attention and make learning about dinosaurs fun.
>-- End of excerpt from Tim Baker

This is only my opinion, but I would strongly advise against discussion
of hoaxes like Nessie in the context of palaeontology at school, except
maybe in the context of why such pseudoscience is not real science.

There are plenty of options for stimulating teaching based around
large extinct reptiles without giving the false impression that maybe
they aren't extinct.

Just my opinion

Tony Canning