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Chatterjee's view (was Re: Protoavis?)

At 06:39 PM 10/17/97 -0700, S. Friesen wrote:
>At 10:41 AM 10/16/97 -0500, Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:
>> I have not read the origional _Protoavis_ article
>>completely (no time), but I know for a fact that Chatterjee currently
>>believes that _Protoavis_ *is* a theropod. Period.
>I have read *most* of the original article.
>He may not have *quite* proposed a crocodilian relationship for _Protoavis_
>(and thus for birds), but the paper most certainly strongly implied that.

I suggest you reread the specific papers on _Protoavis_.  Except for the
timing, Chatterjee has a very conventional view of bird origins (among the
maniraptoran coelurosaurs), despite the fact that his most vocal
"supporters" are also the most vocal opponents of just such an origin!

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