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SVP Meeting Fallout

I have a proposal and a few questions from the most recent SVP meeting.

First, the proposal.  I got this idea before the meeting, but there was too
little time to debate it before the meeting.  Would it be feasable to make
and sell written transcripts of talks at the meetings?  How about videos?
There are many, I am sure, who are unable to go to the meeting, but would
like to hear the lecture first hand.  Some money could go to the presenter.
 Would presenters be willing to be transcribed/video taped?  Am I the only
one who would buy copies?

Did anyone hear the talk on tyrannosaur ontogeny?  What was covered?  ANy
new information?

Two new allosaurids?  Is there good evidence, or has he just found
variations that he considers new species (no offence intended)?  How good
is the new Epantarius skull?  Are there details?  Boy, he has been a busy
man recently.  Apatosaurus skull, Epantarius skull, new species.....

Thank you in advance for any information offered.

Darryl  <dinoguy@interlog.com
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