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Re: teacher needs dino info

From:          Tim Baker <tkbaker@apex2000.net>

> I've joined this listserv in hopes that I can gather some
> interesting information for my dinostory class.  I teach Jr. high
> students about dinosaurs in a small class after school.  I'm
> learning a lot about dinosaurs myself every day.
> I've found a lot of good information on the net and am hoping that
> people here can help me with my dinosaur questions that I can't
> answer for the kids.
> I am getting ready to discuss plesiosaurs with my students and am
> going to introduce them to Nessie as a theory that there may still
> be a dinosaur or two around.  I will also tell them about the
> Japanese fishing boat incident.

 The fishing boat incident in 1977 was probably a basking shark not a
 plesiosaur (which aren't dinosaurs in any event) see:
for more information.

bfn Brett