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Re: teacher needs dino info

At 10:33 PM 10/19/97 -0500, Tim Baker wrote:
>I am getting ready to discuss pleisosaurs with my students and am going
>to introduce them to Nessie as a theory that there may still be a
>dinosaur or two around.  I will also tell them about the japanees
>fishing boat incident.

   1).  Most people don't consider "Nessie" a plesiosaur.  If you get a
chance, compare drawings of "Nessie" with a real plesiosaur and I think
you'll immediately see why.  This is to be covered in the introduction to a
new Translation and Pronunciation Guide on my website to be available later
(the author is checking out some stuff with plesiosaur experts).

   2).  Plesiosaurs were not dinosaurs.

   3).  You can find several good sites on the net about the japanese
boating incident, but I'll sum it up:  the carcass was a decayed shark or
whale (can't remember which).

   4).  There are millions of dinosaurs still around today.  The belong to
the clade Avialae and are commonly called birds.

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