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Re: Small question on Glut's Encyclopdeia

At 12:49 PM 10/19/97 +0100, Jarno Peschier wrote:
>But enough rambling about this. You've all been there already, I'm 
>sure. When quickly browsing through the book I found something 
>strange in the list of excluded genera. In there, Smilodon is listed 
>as a prolacertilian reptile (via a reference to Tanystropheus, of 
>which I had never heard before). However, the only Smilodon I know is 
>the most well-known sabre-toothed cat, which has as much to do with 
>dinosarus, reptiles, or even the Mesozoic as we ourselves do.
>So, are there two different Smilodons, or is this one of the no doubt 
>numerous little errors that will always creep into books of this 
>humongous size?

   From the Rauisuchia Translation and Pronunciation Guide:

Smilodon Plieninger 1846 "knife tooth"
SMIE-lo-don (Gr. smile "knife, chisel, blade" + Gr. odon "tooth") (m) named
for the blade-like shape of the tooth. (Preoccupied by Smilodon Lund 1842
(Mammalia). See Zanclodon.) [= Zanclodon]

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