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Dinosaur TV Week is in the public domain

Several people have asked my permission to reprint my little Dinosaur TV 
Week thingie on their websites, at their museums, etc., to which my 
answer is, and always will be, OKEY DOKEY!  Credit me, credit yourself, 
credit the big, extinct, cold-blooded, tail-draggin' lizards themselves, 
I don't give your Aunt Fanny.  If you get the occasional kick out of the 
tube dinos, that's all that counts.

Just remember that people make changes to my column, although that's 
fine.  For instance, Ed . . . well, to paraphrase Hannibal Lector, Ed 
*does* things with my text on his DIG site.  The only unadulterated, 
100% real, Dinosaur TV Week is posted weekly right here for we few, we 
brave few.

Anyway: use away.  That's that.  Sorry; now back to the truly gripping 
Protoavis discussion.


"Putting all reason aside
You exchange what you've got
For a thing that's hypnotic and strange"

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