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Dinosaur Portfolios?

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:49 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Dinosaur Portfolios?                  Date:  10/21/97

  I had a dream once.  In this dream I recieved three new dinosaur profiles
in the mail.  They were all up to date and well researched.  Then the next
morning I checked my mail and ALAS!  There it was!  Albertosaurus,
Giganotosaurus and Regnosaurus!  Therewas even an order form for the next
three installments, which I quickly whisked away in the mail.  Now, almost a
year and a half later....nothing.  What happened to this dream!  What
happened to the project?  It was such a great idea.
  George, I know you're out there.

David Krentz