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Dino Hunt

Isn't that the way it goes? Skip reading the list for a few days, and
someone brings up your work.

Mark said:
>I am currently looking at different types of teaching materials and games
>that I could utilize in my classroom when I am teaching about dinosaurs.  I
>have been searching the web and I cam accross a game called Dino Hunt.
>There were a lot of good comments on the web site but this site was also
>made by the company so I doubt that they bould list out any discrepencys.

Well, you're right to look for a second opinion rather than just relying on
the publisher. We included pointers to reviews on our "What They're Saying"
web page, so you can see what various others thought about it. And I am
rather atrociously proud to say that the game was named to this year's
GAMES 100 list. (Hmm. I need to update the site to put that right at the
front in big letters.)

The game is not perfect; I got a couple of things wrong, and science has
continued to move forward, invalidating a couple of the genera that were
given their own cards, and adding new times and places for others. The web
site includes an errata page that corrects all errors that we know about,
and we'll add any more that come up. And our users have not been shy about
correcting and updating us :-)

In fact, members of this particular list were absolutely invaluable in my
researches. (Thanks again, folks!)

One of the documents on the web site is an educator's guide prepared by a
teacher and librarian; I'd be interested in your reaction to that.

>the web address for Dino Hunt is: www.sigames.com/dinohunt

Actually, www.sjgames.com/dinohunt

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