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Dinosaur Folios...

>  I had a dream once.  In this dream I recieved three new dinosaur 
>in the mail.  They were all up to date and well researched.  Then the 
>morning I checked my mail and ALAS!  There it was!  Albertosaurus, 
>Giganotosaurus and Regnosaurus!  Therewas even an order form for the 
>three installments, which I quickly whisked away in the mail.  Now, 
almost a 
>year and a half later....nothing.  What happened to this dream!  What 
>happened to the project?  It was such a great idea.  
>  George, I know you're out there.

No he's not. Right now he's in Buffalo, getting his mothers house in 
order. Estate sell, the to sell the house. He also has to fly back to 
San Diego, then Fly back to Buffalo, because American Airlines would 
have had Geor
ge pay 1,300 for a round trip if he stayed for more than a month. 
Afterwards, he will put together Dinosaur folios, Archosaurian 
Articulations (WHAT!!! Your #$%#ing me you say) and his other 
publications. He REALLY wants 
to get that going again. 

These last few years have been very taxing on him, both money wise and 
family wise, but that's almost over now.