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Well, most of the information came from memory, but I used "The Macmillan
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals" page 172
to make sure I got everything. I know it isn't the final say on bird
anatomy, but  it was close at hand and I was using it only as a

One other note:
I may have been wrong about Archeopteryx's *complete* lack of shared
skeletal characteristics with birds. Some of the posts have pointed out
some distinctly birdlike adaptations of the pelvis and cranium. I need to
research some of these claims before I retract my earlier statement, but
for the moment I admit to making the claim without verifying all the
facts. However to crib from Bruce Moore's post:

>Feathers."In fact, there are no features of the boy skeleton
>Archeaeopteryx that are uniquely avian." Carrol, Vertebrate Paleontology
>and Evolution.1988

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