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Re: Protoavis?

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997 charger72@juno.com wrote:

> I have to agree (this time). The ONLY thing that makes archeopteryx a
> bird is the feathers. It has NO other bird-like characteristics. The
> wishbone is the only other skeletal feature and that is the same for most
> if not all theropod dinosaurs. Yes, archeopteryx shows a link between
> dinosaurs and modern birds, but whether those features are the result of
> parallel evolution or desendency is yet to be proven.

What about the progressive opisthopupic condition(as seen in dromaeosaurs 
through Neornithes)? I don't believe that it is seen in all
Theropods. In fact the only theropod  group it has been seen in is the
Dromaeosauridae, I think.  If this has been brought up before, or I am in
error, I apologize (I haven't been following this discussion lately). 

Just a question.

Casey T.
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio