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Dinosaur sitting posture

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:56 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Dinosaur sitting posture              Date:  10/23/97

  There are many reconstructions of dinosaurs seated and lounging around
these days, and I'd be curious to know what many of you consider to possible
in regards to likely "resting postures".  I have my own ideas, but
professional opinions would benifit my work greatly.  Is the spine of
theropods flexible enough to twist 90 degrees laterally to allow such a pose
as illustrated by Paul in PDW pg119?
If a short bodied Ceratopian were to lie on it's side, could it easily get
up?  Are modern mammals, such as rhinos and elephants ( I'm primarily using
these examples for their size, not anatomy) good models to use for comparison
in this case?  This would make a good discussion for all the artists on this
list.  It would also make a very original mount for a museum ( I seem to
recall a hadrosaur skeleton in this pose)
 David Krentz