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Happy Birthday, Earth!! (;-)

Well, everybody, the BIG DAY is here.  According to the cutting edge (for
1650) research of James Ussher, Anglican Archibishop of Armagh and Primate
of All Ireland, today is the 6000th birthday of the Earth.

In 4004 B.C., on October 23rd, at midday, the world was created.  Given that
there was no Year Zero between the B.C. and A.D. calendar systems, today is
6000 years to the day after the whole "Fiat lux!" business.  (Note that this
calculation DOES take into account the change over from the Julian to the
Gregorian calendar system).

so, bake that cake, get out the candles, and party!  It's not everyday the
earth is 6000.

For more information, check out S.J. Gould's essay "Fall in the House of
Ussher" in _Eight Little Piggies_ or in his latest book (which I don't have
a copy of yet).

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