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Re: New Dinosaur Website!

>From: "Clayton Livingston" <triceratops69@hotmail.com>

>Please check out my new website...
>The Mighty Triceratops Homepage at

I did as you instructed because my goal in life is to serve.  

I have a few questions.  Didn't Torosaurus in fact have the largest 
skull of any land animal?

Why was Triceratops the only ceratop(s)ian not to have holes in its 
frill?  Was this a cheese-stands-alone thing, did Triceratops use its 
frill more for defense than the other ceratop(s)ians, or what?

Clayton, keep your eyes peeled on this site; there's soon to be a 
Triceratops horridus model released that will make your eyes water with 

Regards, and you have my sympathy, fellow Hotmailer,

"Putting all reason aside
You exchange what you've got
For a thing that's hypnotic and strange"

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