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Re: Dino Hunt

Actually, that (your educator's guide) was one of the first things I
checked out on the Dino Hunt site, and I bookmarked it right away.  I
thought it was fantastic--better than many education resources I've seen at
sites that are supposed to be dedicated to the field of education.  Your
teacher and librarian were thorough and top-notch.  Kudos to them and to
you for including them in your site!

--Missi Mercer
Museum Educator

At 9:45 PM 10/21/97, Steve Jackson wrote:
>One of the documents on the web site is an educator's guide prepared by a
>teacher and librarian; I'd be interested in your reaction to that.
>>the web address for Dino Hunt is: www.sigames.com/dinohunt
>Actually, www.sjgames.com/dinohunt
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Missi Mercer, FHC Project Marketing Coordinator
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