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Re: New Dinosaur Website!

Clayton Livingston wrote:

>Please check out my new website...
>The Mighty Triceratops Homepage at
>This page is more a pop culture page, than hardcore paleontology, but it
>has something for every trike lover.
>I would appreciate all advice, info and input!

I visited Clayton's site just now, and found an "Art Gallery" full of
images by Melvyn Grant, Steve White, Mike Skrepnick, Rachel Clark, Berislav
Krzic, Paul Sorton, and others. Most are credited, but this disclaimer on
Mr. Livingston's homepage bothered me (the caps are mine): "The images and
info contained in this site are used WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION WHATSOEVER,
mainly because I'm not sure who to ask, but thanks anyway."

Sorry, Clayton, but this just doesn't cut it. Publication of copyrighted
images without express permission from the creators is a violation of
Federal Copyright Law. And your excuse that you're "not sure who to ask"
doesn't hold water either, since you obviously downloaded the images from
somewhere, and you cite all the artists beneath their images.

My advice (since you asked for it) is to either contact all the artists
whose work you have illegally published IMMEDIATELY and ask their
permission to keep it on your site, or REMOVE IT. I have no idea how old
you are, and whether you understand the problem with what you've done, but
I would suggest that you move to correct this situation ASAP.

Brian Franczak (franczak@ntplx.net)