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Re: Happy Birthday, Earth!! (;-)

Mickey P. Rowe wrote:

> Alright, enough with the "Happy Birthdays".  Try to keep in mind:
> http://www.cisab.indiana.edu/~mrowe/dinosaur-administrivia.html#s
> ction_8
> specifically look at part "c)" which forbids Creationist arguments.  I
> think everything sent in so far skirts explicit violations of the
> rules, but some of you are playing with fire... if you keep it up it's
> only a matter of time before someone steps in to defend a Creationist
> chronology.  Things could get ugly and I think we'd all prefer it if
> that didn't happen...
> Thanks!
> --
> Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

Any creationists lurking on this list will be summarily shot if found
anywhere near their keyboards at any time!   Any of you even thinking
about posting to the list will be picked up and eliminated by our
powerful psychic antennae!  Besides, what the hell are you doing
subscribed to a Dinosaur list, anyhow?  Written answers WILL be on my
desk at 0500 hours on Friday, 24 October, 1997!  DO YOU HEAR ME!!??

Ok, Mickey. It's safe to come out now.

Sgt. B. Rider
Security Forces