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Great skull replicas

                      Subject:                              Time:  2:53 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Great skull replicas                  Date:  10/23/97

  Just came back from Valley Anatomical and spent money on some great skull
replicas.  I'll provide you all with a list, you can call for prices because
I realize the purpose of this list is not for comercial endorsments.
Deinonychus  full scale, 12.5''   bang for your buck
Allosaurus,   1/4 scale,  In my opinion, the best of the bunch
Archaeopteryx full scale 2"  amazing detail for such a little guy
Velociraptor full scale , 8.25 "  The best one I've seen, delicate
Carnotaurus two versions , 1/8 and 1/4  both are amazing, and the small one
is very affordable.
Herrerasaurus, full scale
There are also several skull plaques of small pterosaurs.  I highly
reccommend calling for prices, you'll be suprised.  Coming soon is a life
size Oviraptor.M.
Their number is 818 700 8020/347-3494.  Ask for a catalouge
Ask for Mary Odono when you call.

David Krentz