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Let sleeping Protoavis lie

     Sorry to stir up a controversy and then leave it hanging, but I just
started a new job and won't be able to participate in the list for a
while. Please be kind to me in my absence.
     Before I go however, I have to state that I have been honored to be
educated by those of you who saw fit to participate. Your forbearance
with an annoying amateur is commendable.
     Just for good measure though:
     Does protoavis show any of the specific morphology mentioned in
Peter Buchholtz's post? 

For those of you who may not have it:

>1) loss of the cranial process of the pubic boot making it look like a J
>lateral profile.  This feature is also found in "Linsterosaurus", the
>raptor, _Adasaurus_, _Unenlagia_ and modern birds.  It is not found in
>tetanuran theropods including dromaeosaurs or alvarezsaurs.
>2) appearence of the proximodorsal process of the ischium (incidentally,
>defining feature of the clade Saurirae, thus indicating it is probably
>paraphyletic).  This is a small knob on the dorsal surface of the
>near the illiac peduncle.  It is found in _Archaeopteryx_, _Unenlagia_,
>modern birds.  I do not know the condition in "Linsterosaurus" or the
>raptor.  It is not seen in _Adasaurus_, dromaeosaurs, alvarezsaurs or
>other theropods.
>3) distal migration of the obturator porcess of the ischium.  This
feature is
>seen only in _Archaeopteryx_ and modern birds, not in any other known
>(including alvarezsaurs).

I'll check the archives for answers, or you can respond to me directly.
Any sources you can quote would be appreciated also.

Enjoy! I'll be seeing you all soon.