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Re: New Dinosaur Website!

To All:

I have closed the art gallery section of The Mighty Triceratops HomePage 
until proper licensing can be acquired.  I want all to know that the 
intent of this site (obviously, I think) is informative and educational. 
(and benefits me personally in no way, save the intrinsic joy of web 
design.)  It was my feeling that my site in no way infringed upon the 
rights of the artists, but I apologize to those it upset/offended.

If you are an artist featured on my site, I humbly ask that you email me 
any licensing agreement or written permission necessary to use your 
artwork, and I will gladly comply and repost the art.

And as far as the disclaimer goes, it was a joke!  Lets' not lose our 
sense of humor admist all the legal mumbo-jumbo!  Our courts are busy 
enough with murderers, rapists, drug-dealers and other criminals who 
have hurt people.


Clayton Livingston

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