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Re: "New" bird-dinosaur study

At 09:59 AM 10/24/97 -0400, dhoffmaster@adrian.adrian.edu wrote:
>The BBC is reporting a new bird-dinosaur study that reports developmental
>evidence suggesting that the birds decended from dinosaurs hypothesis is
>incorrect.  The researchers (N. Carolina, I believe) studied the development of
>the "hand" in "birds" and "dinosaurs" (no species given in the report).  The
>results indicate that fingers 2,3 & 4 comprise the bird "hand" (loss of 1 and
>5) whereas fingers 1, 2 & 3 comprise the "theropod" hand (loss of 4 & 5). 
>Again, no species were given.
>As no reference was given in this radio summary, i can supply no further
>details.  Has anyone seen this study?  Can you provide a reference or other
>details as to the species involved?  Comments?

   I don't know if this is really new or not, others on this are sure to
know.  However, the topic has come up on the list before.   See "Digit
Development in Birds" at http://www.dinosauria.com in the Journal for a
particularly relevant comment.

   BTW, Fedduccia is at a University in North Carolina.  I'd bet he's
involved in this in some way.

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