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The fingered debate again

   Two questions:

   1)  Nick Pharris, in the last go around on this topic, said that
vertebrate embryos develop SIX digits with the sixth being reabsorbed.  The
sixth is a prepollux, which if it stayed put would be digit one.  Nick
speculated that those claiming bird fingers are 2,3,4 based on embryological
study are MISCOUNTING, considering the prepollux to be digit one when it is,
in fact, not.  Can this sixth digit be found in the literature somewhere,
preferably with pictures?

   2)  Assuming for a moment that Feduccia is correct, given that
maniraptorids probably evolved no later than the early Jurassic, is it at
all possible that when maniraptorids evolved from 4 or 5 fingered forms they
ended up 2,3,4, while the other dinosaurs ended up 1,2,3?

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