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A good Triceratops model available at last

If you're uninterested in news of dinosaur models, click delete now.

I got the good news today that the Dinosaur Studios 1/35th scale 
Triceratops is now available.  Those of you who were at SVP may have 
seen this.  Finally there's a quality rendition of one of the most 
interesting dinosaurs out there.  In 1/35th it's undoubtedly a hunk of 
resin too, so $85.00 is not a bad buy for it (to dino list people -- 
these things often go for far more.)

If it's like other DS models, it's one-piece and basically ready to 
paint.  I believe they have paint-ups available if you prefer for an 
additional fee.  Check with them.

It's great to see this line of same-scale, consistently excellent models 
expand again.  But hey! Where's the Camptosaur (the Ford Taurus of 
dinosaurs)? The Camarasaur (now talk about a hunk of resin)?

If you're like me and are going to rush to order one for yourself and/or 
that special dinosaur-model nut in your life, here's their order page:


Understand that I don't pay $85.00 for just *anything* a mere two weeks 
before the Chiller show!  And I usually don't order sight unseen either, 
although I'm guessing that the dinosaur will probably look something 
like Greg's painting of T. horridus: 


Its pursuer, modeled, IIRC, after Sue the Tyrannosaur, is currently 
projected for an early '98 release.  Cool beans.

Have fun,

"Putting all reason aside
You exchange what you've got
For a thing that's hypnotic and strange"

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