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Re: Acrocanthosaurus.

On Wed, 24 Oct 1990, DinosXMP wrote:

> I'se seen a old Acrocanthosaurus skull restoration. It looked like a 
> roulded allosaurid skull, whith round snout. Then I saw a new photo of a 
> newly discovered skull, which looked more like a narrow 
> Carcharodontosaurus. What dinosaur is the first one, the bold one? Is it 
> just a bad drawn Acrocanthosaurus? Or has it changed into another genus?
> Thanks in advance.
> -DinosØMP

As far as I am aware the two skulls belong to the same species. It is
simply that the "rounded" skull is based on the very incomplete type
material. Just have a look at the picture in dinosauria to see how much is
dotted in and how little real bone was present. Naturally with so little
to work from the reconstruction is not going to be very acurate. I've
never seen this new more complete material illustrated, who is working on
the description? will it be out soon?

Adam Yates