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At 09:41 PM 10/22/97 -0500, Rob Meyerson wrote:
>Stanley Friesen writes,
>The Ruby Site, a hadrosaur dominated bonebed in the NW corner of 
>South Dakota, has some _Triceratops_ material (Hell Creek Formation).  
>The depositional environment has been concluded to be a high-energy 
>fluvial environment (water was moving fast).  I would assume that 
>this would also suggest that it was also an inland deposit.

Not in the Hell Creek of South Dakota, it doesn't.  Especially given the
recent evidence that the inland sea didn't retreat as far as has been
previously assumed.

If you check, I bet you will find the site is only a hundred meters or so
above the Fox Hills locally - maybe less.  (The Fox Hills is the regressive
coast line of the inland sea).

I would say it rather suggests a major river channel, perhaps during the
early stages of a flood.

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