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Re: My baby has been born

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997 Farlow@SMTPLINK.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU wrote:

>      This is to let everybody know that the book I put together with Dr. 
>      Mikey Brett-Surman, _The Complete Dinosaur_, is now in print.  

I saw a copy of this book at Barnes & Noble last night!  Although I only 
got to look at it for about 45 minutes, it looks
AWESOME!!  I couldn't put it down, but I had to (no money last night,
curses!)  I did put it on hold and plan to get it within the next week.
Congratulations to Dr. Farlow adn Dr. Brett-Surman (if he's not on this
list, could you pass along my high compliments to him Dr. Farlow?) as
well as other contributors.  This book is great!  The art is excellent,
the chapters are coherently arranged and there are some topics discussed
which are not usually covered in dino books.  

>      Should you want to order a copy of the book, IU Press can be reached 
>      by phone at (800) 842-6796 or FAXed at (812) 855-7931.  Electronic 
>      ordering information is available at iupress@indiana.edu
>      The book sells for $59.95.

I think the one at B&N is only $45.  Plus, I'm getting 10% off because it
is hardback!  This book would be worth $60 though, IMHO, if you can't find
it for $45.  

>      I put 6 years into this project, and I am delighted with the way it 
>      turned out.  I'll try not to bias reactions to the book any further 
>      than that, although I hope the book earns several stars from whoever 
>      it was that was doing those ratings of dinosaur books...

I'm not biased in any way except I love attractive (looking),
user-friendly dino books.  I wish I could rate it.  I believe that your
years of work will be appreciated!  But what is it with everybody
releasing these books all at once?  There's at least $200 of MUST-HAVE
dino books hitting the market in the last couple of months, (probably
more, that's just my "MUST-HAVE" list).  Luckily, Christmas is coming