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Re: Birds, dinosaurs, and digit 1

Be sure that you also read the piece in the Perspectives section written by

>At 09:38 AM 10/27/97 -0800, Terry Jones wrote:
>>There is a lot of talk about Feduccia's very recent paper on the digits in
>>birds and dinosaurs.  It seems that most people have already discounted his
>>evidence.  Have any of you read it, yet?  Unless you got it electronically,
>>I doubt it since it won't be in mailboxes until later this week.
>I second Terry Jones' comments: please wait until you see the paper.  Then
>you can judge if Feduccia (and coauthors?) have added anything new since
>(for example) Hinchliffe's 1985 paper in _The Beginning of Birds_.
>In the meantime, people may wish to read pp.74-75 (under "Bird Origins") in
>the new Currie & Padian _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ (which finally came in
>the mail today).  This will give (very briefly) some of the background of
>the debate.
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