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Another new taxon in Currie & Padian

As some have pointed out, a few new taxa seem to have made it into Currie &
Padian before they are published elsewhere.  _Rinchenia_ is the long-awated
new generic name for "Oviraptor" _mongoliensis_.

Another, which (to my knowledge) first appears in Novas' article on "South
American Dinosaurs" is _Limaysaurus_.  Given its age, full name
(_Limaysaurus tessonei_), and relationship to _Rayososaurus_ (shown on
Novas' cladogram of Argentine dinos), this is almost certainly
_Rebbachisaurus tessonei_ renamed.

I'll keep looking to see if other new genera or other taxa show up.  So far,
I'm pretty impressed with the book (and hoping that the folks at Scientific
Citation Index count each article as a separate citation... :-).

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