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Re: "New" bird-dinosaur study

> The BBC is reporting a new bird-dinosaur study that reports
> developmental evidence suggesting that the birds decended from
> dinosaurs hypothesis is incorrect.  The researchers (N. Carolina, I
> believe) studied the development of the "hand" in "birds" and
> "dinosaurs" (no species given in the report).  The results indicate
> that fingers 2,3 & 4 comprise the bird "hand" (loss of 1 and 5)
> whereas fingers 1, 2 & 3 comprise the "theropod" hand (loss of 4 &
> 5). Again, no species were given.

The UNC student newspaper carried a short article about this report. 
You can read it at

The study involved microscopic examination of  limb development in
ostriches, chickens, cormorants, alligators and turtles. 

Les Eastman
Havre de Grace, MD