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Re: Echinodon and Scutellosaurus

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 Gothgrrl@aol.com wrote:

> Ah, to answer my own question: I got to looking at THE DINOSAURIA after that
> last post and, at least as of 1990 and those authors knowledge, Echinodon was
> known only from "isolated skull elements of at least three individuals,
> scutes" (p. 428) from the late Tithonian Middle Purbeck of Dorset. 

Thank you very much for so hasty and thorough a reply.  My main purpose in
requesting information was in hopes of finding out if the restoration on
page 170 of _The Dinosaur Society Dinosaur Encyclopedia_ was accurate in
its portrayal.  The skull is restored with a comparatively large and
conical first maxillary tooth resembling a heterodontosaurid "fang"
(excuse the word).  I was hoping to see if a more formal description would
mention this.  The text in _The Dinosauria_ doesn't mention it, and I
can't find mention of it anywhere else either.  Can anyone help me?

> THE DINOSAURIA also includes skull and mandibular, pelvic girdle, and
> hindlimb illustration of Scutellosaurus.
> Caitlin R. Kiernan

Once again, thank you, much appreciated.  I would dearly love to see a
restoration of the skull though.  The text provides a wonderful
description, but I would like to see a professional's restoration.  I know
that the mandible is drawn, but what about the other skull elements?  Can
anyone give me any leads?  

Thanks again, Caitlin, I appreciate your efforts.  I do need more help if
anyone could, though.  

Thank you (in advance, as they say),

Jack Conrad