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Re: Purposefully false restorations?

David Krentz wrote:

> Not only does does Mike Melbourn(sp?) display Giganotosaurus and
> Charcharadontosaurus   dwarfed  by the T-Rex skull in Prehistoric Times, he
> simply used one illustration to represent both species!  The two skulls are
> very similar in life, but it's like using Tarbosaurus in place of T-Rex.

Actually, I have it on good authority that Mike Fredericks, editor of
Prehistoric Times, is to blame for the screw-up with the illustrations in
the PT article, not Mike Milbourne. MM supplied MF with separate
illustrations of all the skulls, with instructions on how to size them. MF
inadvertently used the _Carcharodontosaurus_  skull in place of the
_Giganotosaurus_ skull, and made it smaller than it should be as well.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)