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Feduccia's article

   I was finally able to get my hands on the "Avian Hand" article in
_Science_.  I'll have to say that the evidence presented is compelling, but
rather than convincing me either way it has raised a LOT of questions in my

   Chief of these is what digits really make up the dinosaurian manus.
According to Feduccia and Burke, digit loss is almost universally 1 and 5.
This would make dinosaurs highly unusual if their digits are 1,2,3.  Given
this fact and, assuming Fed et al is correct that birds are 2,3,4, what is
the evidence that tridactyl dinosaurian hands are 1,2,3?

   I'm going to look at the suggested articles from the last several days,
assuming I can find them (unfortunately, I'm afraid, a probable lot cause).
But I do have some references of my own, chief among which is _The
Dinosauria_, that I plan on looking at.

   The article lists _Herrerasaurus_ has having a pentadactyl manus.  What
other theropods also have five digits?

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