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Giganotosaurus/Tyrannosaurus flack

ou wrote: 
>In the recent issue of Prehistoric Times, artist Mike Milbourne, without 
>naming names, accuses the restorers of Giganotosaurus and 
>Carcharodontosaurus of purposeful falsehood in the restoration of their 
>respective finds in an effort to upstage Tyrannosaurus rex. 

I was applaud by his comments. I visited Coria, Currie and Lessem a few years 
ago when they were working on the Giganotosaurus skull to be casted by Mary 
Odono in LA. It was the last Dinosaur Club meeting and they explain
ed to all of us how they came to the conclusion on how big to make the skull of 
Giganotosaurus. THEY did all the work well within the bounds of science. With 
newly found material they were able to make corrections from th
e orginal drawing.

I emailed my complaint to Mike Fredricks and he told me that a rebutal by 
Currie and Lessem will be in the next issue.

Also, he drew the head of Cryolophosaurus wrong. Which may not be his fault 
since he drew it off a cast from Saurian Studios. There is no space between the 
two sides of the crest. There IS a small 'hole' at the bottom. I 
was standing behind Hammer (or was it the other author?) at the SVP while he 
looked over a cast of the model and he explained to us who were standing there 
what was wrong.