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Re: Faunal list (Was Re: Selective Extinction)

Chris Campbell wrote:
> And, interestingly, this is entirely consistent with the regression
> theory and entirely inconsistent with the impact theory (which would
> presumably result in boiled/superheated waters).  It also accounts for
> the froggies and sharks, who are the real buggers for the impact
> theory.

As an layman enthusiast myself, we really don't have grasp of geological
time lapse, when we say "An asteroid impact killed the dinosaurs"...
I mean it could have been a bad century 65 million years ago.

I always heard it was a combination of things. What sort of impact did
the Indian sub-continent have on Asia when it arrived? Wasn't the birth
of the Himalayas a trigger for a super El Nino?  Weren't the dinosaurs 
slowly dying out as well?  And I've heard wags claim allergies from
flowering plants did "dino" damage as well?

I, myself, am searching for info on the following birds:

          Moa (Dinornis) 

I'm looking for articles on extinct fast running flightless predatory
birds whose behavior seems to have mimiced earlier dino 'raptors.

Alan Sinder
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