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Hell Creek Formation Life List #1 (of 5)

To the Dinosaur list:  This has 5 parts. Please paste all 5 parts
together as you receive them, as I consider this a compendium.
Each part will be mailed to you separately.
(the dinosauria faunal list is Part 4!).
My ultimate goal is to create a "life list" for
a community of organisms at one point in time, and at one
place on earth (eastern Montana at 67-65 million years ago).
I strive to be complete. Comments/additions/subtractions welcome.

          Cretaceous "Hell Creek Faunal Facies"; Late Maastrichtian
            Compiled by, and comments by Phillip Bigelow (1997)
                              Version 1.0.0

LINNAEAN NAME                                        COMMENTS
Plesielliptio postbiplicatus (Whitfield)  Fresh water Pelecypod (fwp)

Plesielliptio gibbosoides (Whitfield)                      "   fwp

Plesielliptio whitfieldi Russell 1976                          fwp

Rhabdotophorus aldrichi (White)                                fwp

Pleurobema cryptorhynchus (White)                              fwp

Plethobasus aesopiformis (Whitfield)                           fwp

Plethobasus biesopoides (Whitfield)                            fwp

Quadrula cylindricoides (Whitfield)                            fwp

Proparreysia verrucosiformis (Whitfield)                       fwp

Proparreysia holmesiana (White)                                fwp

Proparreysia barnumi (Pilsbry)                                 fwp

Proparreysia percorrugata (Whitfield)                          fwp

Proparreysia pyramidatoides (Whitfield)                        fwp

Proparreysia letsoni (Whitfield)                               fwp

Proparreysia retusoides (Whitfield)                            fwp

Proparreysia corbiculoides (Whitfield)                         fwp

Proparreysia paucinodosa Russell 1976                          fwp

Obovaria? pyramidella (Whitfield)                              fwp

Corbicula cf. subelliptica (Meek and Hayden)                   fwp

Sphaerium beckmani Russell 1976                                fwp

Pleiodon gen. (sub. gen. Pleiodon) Conrad 1834                 fwp

                             FRESH WATER GASTROPODA

under construction (sorry)


Comments from pkb:  All "Bug Creek Faunal Facies" taxa are
excluded, due to an almost certain mixing of Cretaceous and Paleocene

Information taken from:

Morris, P.J., and P.G. Williamson, 1988. Pleiodon (Conrad)
(Bivalvia: Mutelidae: Pleiodoninae) from the late Cretaceous
of Montana: A First North American Record for the Mutelidae.
Journal of Paleontology, v.62, no. 5, pp.758-765.

Russell, L. S. 1976. Pelecypods of the Hell Creek Formation
(Uppermost Cretaceous) of Garfield County, Montana. Canadian
Journal of Earth Science, vol. 13, pp. 365-388.

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the Laramie group. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural
History, vol. 19(15), pp. 483-487.

Whitfield, R. P. 1907. Remarks on and descriptions of new
fossil Unionidae from the Laramie clays of Montana. Bulletin
of the American Museum of Natural History, vol. 23(26), pp. 623-

                  End of Part 1