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Hell Creek Formation Life List #2 (of 5)

PART 2.The Mammalia of the Montana Part of the Hell Creek Formation
         Cretaceous "Hell Creek Faunal Facies"; Maastrichtian
            Compiled by, and comments by Phillip Bigelow (1997)
                                 Version 1.0.0

LINNAEAN NAME                                   COMMENTS

Mesodma hensleighi Lillegraven 1969        A multituberculate

Mesodma formosa (Marsh, 1889)              A multituberculate

Mesodma thompsoni Clemens 1964             A multituberculate

?Neoplagiaulax burgessi Archibald 1982     A multituberculate

?Neoplagiaulacidae gen. et sp. indet       A multituberculate

Cimolodon nitidus Marsh 1889               A multituberculate

Cimolomys gracilis                         A multituberculate

Meniscoessus robustus Marsh 1989           A multituberculate

Essonodon browni Simpson 1927              A multituberculate

Cimexomys minor Sloan and Van Valen 1965   A multituberculate

Paracimexomys priscus Archibald 1982       A multituberculate

Alphadon marshi Simpson 1927               A marsupial

Alphadon wilsoni Lillegraven 1969          A marsupial

Alphadon lulli Clemens 1966                A marsupial

Alphadon rhaister Clemens 1966             A marsupial

Glasbius twitchelli Archibald 1982         A marsupial

Pediomys elegans Marsh 1889                A marsupial

Pediomys cooki Clemens 1966                A marsupial

Pediomys krejcii Clemens 1966              A marsupial

Pediomys hatcheri (Osborn 1898)            A marsupial

Pediomys florencae Clemens 1966            A marsupial

?Pediomys cf. P. florencae Clemens 1966    A marsupial

Didelphodon vorax Marsh 1889          A BADGER-SIZE marsupial!
                                    The largest Mesozoic mammal!

Gypsonictops hypoconus                     A eutherian

Gypsonictops illuminatus                   A eutherian

Cimolestes incisus Marsh 1889              A eutherian

Cimolestes cerberoides Lillegraven 1969    A eutherian

Cimolestes propalaeoryctes Lillegraven 1969    A eutherian

Cimolestes stirtoni Clemens 1973           A eutherian

Cimolestes magnus Clemens and Russell 1965     A eutherian

Batodon tenuis Marsh 1892                  A eutherian


**Purgatorius ceratops Van Valen and Sloan 1965
                                            A primatomorph.
                                        Stratigraphic position
                                           *highly* dubious.

** = Stratigraphic and/or age context unclear.  Included for
     historical context. It is best to exclude the taxon
     from the "Hell Creek Faunal Facies".

Comments from pkb:  All "Bug Creek Faunal Facies" taxa
excluded, due to an almost certain mixing of Cretaceous and
Paleocene taxa.

Data from:
Archibald, J. D. 1982. A study of Mammalia and Geology
    across the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in Garfield
    County, Montana. University of California Publications
    in Geological Sciences, volume 122, pages 242-243.

Lillegraven, J. A., Z. Kielan-Jaworowska, and W. A. Clemens
    (eds.). 1979. Mesozoic Mammals: The First Two-Thirds of
    Mammalian History. University of California Press.
    311 pages.

Van Valen, L., and R. E. Sloan. 1965. The earliest
    primates. Science, volume 150, pages 743-745.

                 End of Part 2