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Re: impacts are cool!

>From: wa105@mead.anglia.ac.uk

>>And, interestingly, this is entirely consistent with the regression
>>theory and entirely inconsistent with the impact theory (which would
>>presumably result in boiled/superheated waters)...
>No, no, no!  An impact would have raised vast amounts of dust into the 
>atmosphere, blocking out sunlight and thus cooling the world.  C.f. 
>nuclear winter, etc.  I will concede that it's consistent with 
regression too, 
>in that regression could be caused by polar ice cap growth.

Isn't that step two?  I thought step one was indeed a dramatic (to put 
it lightly) increase in temperature, at least in the area of the impact 
(and that was a pretty big area).

And how were very long, very thin worms affected?  :)


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