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Re: impacts are cool!

wa105@mead.anglia.ac.uk wrote:
> Chris Campbell wrote:
> >> Matter a'fact, it occurs to me that some sort of "reverse El Nino," a
> >> massive cooling of tropical waters,  could have precisely those sorts of
> >> effects.
> >And, interestingly, this is entirely consistent with the regression
> >theory and entirely inconsistent with the impact theory (which would
> >presumably result in boiled/superheated waters)...
> No, no, no!  An impact would have raised vast amounts of dust into the
> atmosphere, blocking out sunlight and thus cooling the world.  C.f. Krakatau,
> nuclear winter, etc.  I will concede that it's consistent with regression too,
> in that regression could be caused by polar ice cap growth.

Or, on the other hand, it causes a super greenhouse effect due to an
inability to release waste heat (a la Venus).  I've heard good arguments
for both, and since either one would trash frogs I'm inclined to pitch
both of 'em.  :)