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Re : Descriptions and material


Emausaurus is known from the skull (from Mike Keesey's site).
I think the original ref is:
Haubold, H. 1991 (or 1990). Ein neuer Dinosaurier (Ornithischia,
Thyreophora), aus dem unterem Jura des nördlichen Mitteleuropa. Rev.
Paleobiol. 9: 149-177

Udanoceratops is known from a skull (without the frill), partial pelvis,
scapula, coracoid, and fragments (also from Keesey's site).
I don't know the ref. 

Hope this helps.

Felix Landry
e-mail forelf@internet19.fr

> Could anyone with information on the source of description of the 
> following please drop me a note?  Especially appreciated would be a 
> brief evaluation of the completeness of the remains:
> Anasazisaurus
> Emausaurus
> Udanoceratops (SVP, 1992?)
> Also, anything else found of "Siamotyranus" besides the few bits from a 
> few years ago?
> I don't expect anyone to go out of their way on this, but if you've got 
> the lowdown at your fingertips, it'd be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Larry
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