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Re: impacts and seasonal behavior

On Oct 30, 11:48am, James Norton wrote:
> Subject: impacts and seasonal behavior
> Is there any correlation between extinction because of an impact and the
> season of the year in which the impact might have taken place?  Perhaps
> hibernators, migrators, etc., might have escaped if the impact had
> occurred in the winter.  This may explain the survival of amphibians and
> turtles, some of whom winter over in the mud at the bottom of frozen
> ponds.  But then again, when it's winter in North America it's summer on
> the other end of the globe, which pokes a big hole in this hypothesis.

I think it's safe to say that somewhere on the planet there are always
a bunch of small ectothermic tetrapods tucked away avoiding either extreme
cold or drought.  AFAIK, most of the modern lissamphiba do not have fossil
remains from before the KT, suggesting a radiation after the event from
a number of survivors, just like mammals.  Someone please correct me if
I'm wrong here..