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Re: impacts are cool!

Tony Canning wrote:

 Many (but not all)
>amphibian populations are currently in decline - acid rain may be a
>factor in some cases, certainly not all.
>Don't forget that the majority of amphibians can survive long periods
>at very low temperatures without food - we're talking months, even
>years here.  If the asteroid hit in November the most northern 
>would already be safely in hibernation where they could ride out the 
>few months of the impact consequences.
>Maybe frogs are tougher than we think..
>Tony Canning
 Well fine this makes a lot of sence if there was no impact. But frogs 
would still die if they were hibernating while the asteroid hit. The hit 
would cause massive changes in the world's climate as well as changes in 
chemical water balance. This would certainlly kill off many species of 
frogs. Frogs are tough... when they hibernate. But in a world that is 
going through changes, no. I do work a prarie and I can tell you that 
frogs are very very sensitive to any changes in temperature, air, 


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