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Re: Coelophysis on Long Island (joke)

Larry Dunn wrote (well, not personally...)
>    "It's an amazing find," said Herbert Mills, the staff geologist for
> Nassau County's museum system, after showing the 3-inch footprint to one
> of the nation's leading experts on dinosaur tracks, who confirmed its
> veracity.
>    The 200-million-year-old print was made by either a Coelophysis
> (pronounced SEAL-oh-FIE-sis) or a close relative of the 6-foot tall
> ostrich-like meat eater, which looked something like the voracious
> velociraptor in the movie "Jurassic Park" except for its longer neck and
> smaller head and feet. The print's small size suggests it may have been
> made by a juvenile, or perhaps a smaller unknown species.
>   (big snip)

        A 3 inch track made by a 6 foot tall dino? It wouldn't so
much make tracks through the mud, but rather become stuck in it and
be fossilised! Perhaps if they could have followed the fossil track
they would have found the articulated leg bones that made them
still in situ (genyornis fossils like this in lacustrine clays 
are known from Australia)  :)
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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