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Re: New Revision: Hell Creek Fossil Plants List

Here is Shoem,aker's list of plants from the Brownie Butte site in Montana:

        Annona? robusta
        Rhamnus salicifolius
        "Dryophyllum" subfalcatum
        "Cissus" marginatus
        Dombeyopsis obtusa (in Platanales according to Hickey).
        "Ficus" trinervis  (part of the "Ficus" affinis complex)
        "Celastrus" taurinensis
        Trochodendroides arctica
        "Juglans" leconteana
        Platanophyllum sp.
        Salix sp.
        Sequoites artus
        "Viburnum" sp.
        "Ficus" sp.

The first four are the most abundant.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com