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Re: New dinosaur specimen found at Ghost Ranch - 10/31/97 (joke)

MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

> Dr. Casper T. Friendly and Dr. Cab O. Caligari of All Souls University
> announced the finding of a heretofore unknown dinosaur specimen during
> a fall
> dig at the Ghost Ranch site.
> The new specimen, of which only cranial material was found, is
> described as
> having a spherical skull with the orbitals widely spaced.  The
> dentition
> shows severe erosion of the enamel, perhaps indicating a diet of
> sweetish,
> sticky branches.  A single horn projects from the top of the skull
> which,
> astoundingly, seems to show a paleo craniotomy.
> Dr. Friendly speculated that the new specimen may belong to the
> stem-based
> clade Jackolanturnia, consisting of terrestrial no-peds,  and which
> also
> contains Monolophosquashus.
> The renowned paleontologists are also studying what may be a bonebed
> of this
> new specimen, with many individuals inexplicably smashed and crushed,
> and
> possibly deposited in a single event.  Tests will be performed on what
> seem
> to be carbon traces on the interior base of the skull fragments.
> Reported by:
> Mary
> mkirkaldy@aol.com

   Fascinating!  Were any specimens of  Catsnbatsus found lurkin' about
the site?