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Re: Air sacs in extant non-avian reptiles?

At 02:50 PM 31/07/00 -0700, Betty Cunningham wrote:
In addition to 'most' paleontologists, 'most' ornthologists agree that
there is a very strong arguement for the origin for birds having arisen
from dinosaurs.

We ought to remember that even those who oppose the dinosaur-bird link accept that birds arose somewhere within the Archosauria, so even if Feduccia is right Reptilia would still be paraphyletic if birds were excluded, and birds are still more closely related to crocodiles than either are to geckos if you think phylogenetically.

Mr Lurio seems to be under the impression that taxonomic categories operate as awards of merit rather than scientific descriptors. Birds are still wonderful even if they are reduced to subfamilial status within the Oviraptoridae (say), and they are monophyletic. How could rating Aves at below the Class level change that? Are primatologists any less interested in primates because they "only" comprise an order?
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