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turtle origins?

I've forgotten Gauthier's exact definition of Reptilia, but I hope he didn't use turtles in the definition (which would be like using monotremes to anchor Mammalia).
I think it is fairly probable, perhaps even likely, that turtles are either primitive diapsids (which could make Reptilia a synonym of Diapsida) or even saurian diapsids (which could make Reptilia a synonym of Sauria).
Pretty soon even the cladists will be divided on what Reptilia is, and won't that be a fine mess. I don't want to return to the days of authoritarian eclecticism, but the pendulum has swung way too far in the other direction, allowing authoritarian cladism to begin taking root. That will only increase the numbers of reactionary Feducciaries who not only reject cladistic "classification", but cladistic "analysis" as well. I don't think such pendulum swings are either healthy or productive. It can only lead to instability, confusion, and and other forms of heuristic degradation. But I am too tired to think about it any more tonight. Need to unwind and get some sleep.
--------Ken Kinman
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