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Thank's-Microvenator and Nomingia

Dear list-members
First of all I want to thank's all the peoples that have answer me about the
June issue of SVP, I have receive it today.
Second could someone tell me what is the status of the presumed second
species of Microvenator, M. chagyaensis?
I say that much probably it is a nomen dubium
Third, what about the fact that the terminal vertebrae of C. zoui
are not fused, as in Nomingia gobiensis but they seem to form a stiffened
rod, well there is the possibilities that the stiffened rod vertebrae of C.
zoui representing a proto-pygostyle?

By and thank's
Marisa Alessandro
"Volounteer of Paleontological Museum of Monfalcone"
Via Achille Grandi n°18
Tel:039-0464-434658 Email amaris@tin.it