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Re: bipedal locomotion

Big OOPS!!! Sorry Mark and dinosaur list members, I thought Mark's letter
came to me via the dinosaur list!  :O  :(  Mistakes happen!

    Ray Stanford

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Ray Stanford wrote:

>     Subsequently, Mark Perew asked:
> "How long until someone offers this as evidence of pack hunting

Mark Perew said that in private mail and he's pretty well ticked off about
having private mail turned into list mail.

When I started using the internet about 11 years ago, it was considered to
be a MAJOR faux pas to drag private mail into list mail.  In the last year
or two, not only has this bit of netiquette been lost, but it is almost the
accepted norm to drag private mail into a list.

Why on earth would someone go to the trouble to *ADD* a list address to a
reply that wasn't included in the original?  It's just so incredibly RUDE.
Do you think that *I* am so ignorant that *I* got the address wrong?

Did you stop to consider that I might have had very specific reasons for
sending my query in private mail?  No, you must not have.

Mark Perew
Yesterday I could not spell gernulest.  Today I are one.